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For anyone new to Ayurveda, the holistic tradition offers a clear path to improved wellness and vitality.  Ayurveda is a holistic approach to nutrition and has been used for over 5000 years.  Ayurveda looks at physical body, but also your mind, and soul.  It teaches us to connect with the rhythm of nature to bring ourselves back into harmony.  Everything you surround yourself with has an impact on your health.

Ayurveda is necessary to live a long, healthy life with steadiness and ease.  Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences that connect at certain junctures providing amazing support and vitality in our daily lives.  The moment we are created we are given a constitution, which is our pure nature, our dosha.  There are 3 doshas we are given, however, only one will be considered our blueprint.  Doshas are our physical nature, our tendencies.  Ayurveda addresses our doshic balance to bring in opposite of what we are because “like increases like”.  Each of us will experience imbalance of our doshas, this is when Ayurveda helps us adapt to life with resilience, bringing us back to harmony.


What people are saying...

"I did the 3-day Ayurveda cleanse and had amazing results.  The meals are filling and I had no problems with digestion.  After the cleanse, my tummy & waist circumference including my weight, were the smallest they’ve ever been.  I feel healthy and full of energy.” ~Martha 


"I’ve done Stephanie’s 3-day Kitchari cleanse for each of the last four months, and loved every one!  First of all, it is so tasty and warming.  But even better that that, is the reduction of gas and bloating.  I didn’t feel my stomach or digestion during the cleanse.  That is amazing!  It is also wonderful to stop snacking and eating sweets, which are normally my downfall.  Stephanie is also so supportive along the way.  I highly recommend the Kitchari cleanse and I will continue to do them going forward.”~Kelli


Over the years I’ve had the honor of being in Stephanie’s yoga classes.  She is an extremely gifted teacher.  When she told me about the Ayurveda cleanse I decided to try it.  The first time I did the cleanse it immediately helped with bloating, fog and fatigue.  Six months later I did the cleanse again with her.  I noticed this time I felt more awareness and being more present and grounded.  During the cleanse she also helped me to take more steps in the Ayurveda lifestyle, which I thoroughly enjoyed.  Stephanie is full of knowledge and leads by example.  I have to say she is an excellent cook too!  Her Kitchari is fabulous.  I am so grateful that Stephanie has crossed my path.” ~Jules


My Ayurvedic consultations are custom designed to support you on your path to being happy, healthy and whole.  Book yours today!

Take the quiz to find out your Dosha.


A 3-day cleanse you can do on your own which includes a 15 minute consultation to help customize your experience.  Order yours today and begin your transformation.

April 15-17, 2024

The seasonal cleanse includes 3 days of kitchari made for you. All ingredients are organic and seasonal. Included with your cleanse: 

  • 15 minute consultation  

  • Daily emails of guidance & motivation

  • Instructions on how to enjoy your meal 

3 days / 9 meals $120

(locals only as it is freshly made for pick-up)


Purchase do it yourself kits...

Kits include:  mung bean, basmati rice, spices and a recipe.  Not included are the optional fresh vegetables and toppings.

3 days of kits / 9 meals $75

(shipping not included)

$15 EACH

Kitchari is considered the core Ayurvedic nutritional healing. A blend of organic long grain rice, split yellow mung beans, and gentle spices that support digestion.  Enjoy as a main entree when cleansing or a side dish.  

Servings per: about 3

Available year round.

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