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Stephanie's journey through yoga and holistic wellness is truly inspiring. Her dedication to self-discovery and growth shines through her diverse range of certifications and practices. From her initial introduction to yoga during a transitional period in her life to her deep exploration of various yoga styles and energy healing modalities, Stephanie has cultivated a rich understanding of mind-body-soul wellness.


Her journey reflects a profound commitment to lifelong learning and self-improvement, as evidenced by her pursuit of multiple teacher trainings, including Bikram-based sequences, YogaWorks programs, and Yin yoga. Her expansion into Reiki certification further illustrates her holistic approach to healing and energy work.


Stephanie's teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of slowing down, focusing on body alignment, and cultivating mindfulness in her students. Her compassionate and mindful spirit creates a nurturing environment for growth and self-discovery in her classes.


Beyond yoga, Stephanie's passion for holistic health extends to other movement practices like Pilates, weightlifting, spin, barre, sculpting, running, and hiking. Her journey toward a plant-based lifestyle reflects her ongoing exploration of nutrition and wellness practices.


Stephanie's dedication to personal growth and holistic wellness serves as an inspiration to her students and peers alike. Her gratitude for the journey she's on speaks to her humility and appreciation for the transformative power of yoga and mindful living. Stephanie's journey is a testament to the endless possibilities for growth and self-discovery on the path of yoga and holistic wellness.

Over the years I’ve had the honor of being in Stephanie’s yoga classes.  She is an extremely gifted teacher." ~ Jules

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